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College of Alberta Professional Foresters

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Member Name
Registration Number
Devin Abraham 1917 Active FIT Exam
Brian Adams 83 RET (retired) RPF None
Darren Aitkin 662 Active RPF None
Bruce Alexander 735 Active RPF None
Dr. Martin Alexander 165 Active RPF None
Mr. Christopher Allaby 1809 RES (resigned) RPF None
Mr Bryan Allan 46 RET (retired) RPF None
Mr. Jeff Allen 1795 Inactive T-RPF None
Breck Alward 1755 RES (resigned) C-RPF Exam
Mr. Douglas Ambedian 1539 Active RPF SPL
Mr. Justin Amyot 1698 Active RPF None
Christian Andersen 280 RET (retired) RPF None
Mr. Taylor Andersen 1867 Active RPF None
Dr. Axel Anderson 1000 Active RPF None
Earl Anderson 189 RET (retired) RPF None
Mr. Edward Anderson 828 Active RPF None
Howard Anderson 124 RET (retired) RPF SPL
Dr. Jay Anderson 476 Active RPF None
Mr. Ken Anderson 787 Active RPF None
Murray Anderson 268 Active RPF None
Robert Anderson 149 Active RPF None
Robert Anderson 829 Active RPF None
Mr. Peter Andrews 693 Active RPF None
Kirk Andries 65 RES (resigned) RPF None
Ms. Athena Andritz 1545 RES (resigned) RPF None
Kimberly Anweiler 1032 Active RPF None
Mr. Dana Archibald 995 Active RPF None
Mr. James Archibald 169 RET (retired) RPF None
Ryan Archibald 1841 Active RPF None
Mr. Robert Armitage 274 RET (retired) RPF None
Dr. Glen Armstrong 22 SUS (suspended) RPF None
Aaron Arnold 991 Active RPF None
Jessica Arnold 1902 Active FIT Exam
Mr. Andrew Arsenault 663 Active RPF None
Mrs. Jill Ashley 764 RES (resigned) RPF None
Bradley Asmussen 576 Active RPF None
Paul Atfield 55 Active RPF SPL
Mr. Geoffrey Atkinson 725 Active RPF None
Mr. Troy Atyeo 1920 Active C-RPF Exam
John Augustyn 516 Active RPF None
Miss Stacey Auld 1823 Active NR None
Bruce Avery 314 RET (retired) RPF None
Mrs. Amanda Avery Bibo 1005 Active RPF None

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